Wednesday, May 6, 2009

age mix-up.

i had been drinking with Belia* and a few friends,

Alan* agreed to drive us home,

because there was no way in hell we could drive.

we took it upon ourselves to sing/scream at the top of our lungs,

because the voice of the intoxicated is a beautiful one,

at least to the person singing. : ]

we managed to distract him so much,

with our beautiful voices,

im sure,

that Alan was pulled over.

when asked why he was swerving he told the cop

that we had been singing at the top of our lungs,

and he was just trying to get us home safe.

the cop then asked Belia,

who was in the front seat,

how old she was.

she just sat there for about 90 seconds,

then finally said

"im sixteen."

now let me just tell you,

we were seventeen at the time.

so drunk&confused,

i sort of stumbled over my words,

and said "im seventeen."

it was like the lightbulb turned on,

Belia says, quite loudly,

"oh yeah! im seventeen too!"

the cop just gave Alan all his information back,

and said get these girls home safe.

maybe Belias stupidity was in our favor that time.
i am surrounded by idiots.

*all names have been changed

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