Thursday, May 7, 2009

intoxication urination part two.

well i cant just pick on the boys.

i have to tell some stories about the girls too.

i definitely have to leave the names completely out of these ones.

because they WILL kill me.

we were throwing a party for a friend of ours that just came back from the marines.

and everyone was beyond drunk.

it was time to leave and i found my friend passed out in the owners parents bed.

when i finally got her up she admitted something pretty weird.

that she had peed on the floor,

right next to the bed.

and i checked,

she had!

another time i lived with a bunch of roommates.

there was one roommate who wasn't well liked.

we were having a big party and he was pissing everybody off.

so two girls,

went into his room,

locked the door,

and peed in the corner of his room.

messed up,

i know!

i remember one time we were having a girls night.

and between five girls we went through a bunch of bitch beer

and a half gallon of vodka.

i remember being inside and walking into the kitchen.

and their was our friend peeing on the kitchen floor!

ok so one more and i will call it good.

my girls and i were plannin a big party while my grandparents were out of town.

so the friday right before we all stayed at the house

and basically got it party ready.

we drank way too much but continued cleaning.

then we found one of our friends,

standing on the counter,

reaching into the dishwasher,

pulling out dishes,

and putting them away,


later we caught her peeing on the kitchen floor,

but dont worry,

she cleaned it up.

by scooting around in it.

im surrounded by idiots!!

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