Friday, May 29, 2009

oh camping.

when i was young it meant that i got to stay up past dark

and hang out with my family

for a week or more.

now it means going up after dark,

with a bunch of friends,

and drinking until we puke.

this makes for far more interesting stories,

at the least.

people seem to fall quite a bit when they are running around,


with very little light.

one of my friends is a very big guy,

and he was running around the camp fire,

laughing like a little girl,

when he hit a pile of empty cans,

and went face first into the dirt.

big boys make quite the impact when they hit the ground,

we still wont let him live that one down.

belia had a bag of chips

and was trying to keep them away from the big guy from above,

and she started walking backwards,

hit a log,

a fell backwards.

one step and that girl fell.

funny thing was,

she had just started drinking.

when belia and i bonfire up in the mountains,

we dance,

a lot.

well we always dance,

but its even worse up in the mountains.

belia is a lot smaller than me,

so we seem to think its a great idea

for me to pick her up and dance.

just about every time i either drop her,

or we both fall.

funny thing is,

we never realized that it was a bad idea.

and we still continue to do it.

we all know girls have to pee when we are camping,

its not like we just hold it in.

well just about every girl that we go camping with

has been so drunk

tat when they are peeing,

they just fall right over,

now let me tell you,

that can be quite the mess.

that was a lot of mumbo jumbo in one blog.

but camping can be a dangerous thing.

and there is just so much to cover.

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  1. what about the camping one were you carried me to my tent than we fell right in front of it!