Wednesday, May 6, 2009


why is it that introductions become harder,
and more frequent the more the alcohol flows?
a good friend of mine, Belia*,
is a frequent offender of the re-introduction.
the more she drinks,
the more she walks up to you,
tells you her name,
and asks you yours.
it does not matter how many times you have told her,
or how many years you have known her,
she WILL ask.
at first we just thought this was an annoying habit,
and then we realized we were right.
as the liquid courage flows down her throat,
the intelligence flows right out on a temporary vacation.

i am sure that we have all experienced flubbed introductions.
but my friend Mae* outdid herself.
we were at a house party,
and we didn't know anyone besides the owner.
he told us to go introduce ourselves to people,
and as he did a girl walked into the room,
he said "like Kat, she is a cool girl."
so Mae turned to the girl,
made an awkward wave,
and said "hi, i'm Kat."
all of us,
including Kat,
just gave Mae a weird look.
Kat walked off,
and we all busted up laughing.
apparently when she drinks,
she forgets her name.

i am surrounded by idiots.

*all names have been changed.

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