Wednesday, May 6, 2009

intoxication urination.

i have a couple stories for you that are hilarious,

a little gross but that cant be helped.

have you ever notice how drunk people see to have issues controlling their bladder?

a few of my guy friends seem to sleep walk while they are drunk,

and well pee in places that just aren't bathrooms.

when i was a younger i had a party while my dad was out of town.

everyone just passed out on the couches and floor,

and basically wherever there was space.

in the middle of the night we woke up

because a friend was getting up.

he then walked into my kitchen,

and began peeing on my kitchen counter.

and all over my stove!

a bunch of us were partying at alans* house,

and mae* passed out on the couch.

sometime in the middle of the night rod* "woke up",

walked over to the couch,

and peed on mae!

during last summer we were at alan's apartment quite a bit,

his roommates friend was always over.

he was pretty weird and nobody really liked him.

every night he slept on the same couch.

and every morning he woke up,

and had peed his pants!

he tried to say it was beer.

every morning,

all summer.

he either had a bladder problem,

or he fell asleep with a beer in pants,

every night.

ah! im surrounded by idiots.

*all names have been changed

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